What are your wax melts made of?

Our wax melts are created using the finest soy wax, vegan and cruelty free fragrance oil and biodegradable, glitter.

How do I use them?  

Our wax melts are perfect for tea light burners, as well as electric burners. We do, however, advise against oil burners as they tend to overheat the wax. 

Simply snap off 1/2 segments and place them in your burner  (we recommend adding one at a time to prevent overfilling) and enjoy the aromas!

How long do they burn for? 

This depends on your wax burner and how many segments you choose to burn at any one time.  Our scents consist of high, mid and base notes. Most of our melts contain a combination of all 3, so you'll find that the scent changes and introduces different fragrances as it burns.  

 1 segment of our clamshell and deli pots last up to 16 hours of burn time. 2/3 segments of our snap bars last 10/15 hours depending on if its a wax melt burner or electric.

How do I clean the wax out of my burner?

There are many ways of doing this, the best method I have found is the Mrs Hinch. 

Simply pop in a tea light/turn on your burner, wait 60 seconds or so (till the wax just starts to heat) and press gently on the edge of the wax to pop it out, Using a cotton pad wipe the remaining wax of the burner. Pop in your new wax melt and burn away. 

I also use the freezer method, pop your burner ( wax melt burner, NOT ELECTRIC) in the freezer for about 15/20 minutes, take it out, press gentle on the edge of the wax and it will pop out. Simple throw the old wax away and place another wax melt of your choose and enjoy. 

How to store wax melts? 

Our wax melts are perfectly packaged for storage ( Clamshells ) but we do recommend keeping them in a cool place. If properly stored, they can retain their scent for up to 12 months. 

How much is delivery?  

Our delivery starts at £2.99/£3.00 and all orders are despatched within 5-7 days using Royal second Class. If you would like 1st class then please state on check out. 

When will my order arrive? 

Our melts are made-to-order and we aim to despatch within 5- 7 working days - this may increase in busy periods. 

Why is my candle tunnelling ?

To avoid this; The first time you burn your candle please ensure you keep it lit for 3-4 hours until the melt pool has reached the edge of the vessel. This is super important and avoids your candle tunnelling, this will be real shame to waist that beautiful scented wax!

Why is my wax smoking ?

This is a common misunderstanding that some wax smokes, this is not true. Smoke is grey / black & thick & has an unpleasant smell. What you are seeing is simply the fragrance releasing into the air. Much like water wax steams when it gets hot causing it to evaporate into the air & release the scent.